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  • Five
    Five 2016
    A young man paying the rent for himself and his lifelong friends at an apartment, ends up flat-broke and resorts to selling marijuana to pay the bills - only to get caught up in the dangerous world of drugs.

  • Nobody from Nowhere
    Nobody from ...
    Nobody from Nowhere 2014
    Sébastien Nicolas, realtor, leads a dull existence and gets used to disguising himself to take on the appearance of the characters he meets.

  • In Harmony
    In Harmony
    In Harmony 2015
    After a serious accident on a film shoot, Marc, an equestrian, loses all hope to mount back on. His insurance company instructs Florence to handle his case. This film is the story of their meeting.

  • Bird People
    Bird People
    Bird People 2014
    An overstressed American businessman and a French chambermaid make a connection at an airport hotel in Paris.