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Romance . Drama . Fantasy . Adventure

When Bella Swan moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest to live with her father, she starts school and meets the reclusive Edward Cullen, a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire. Despite Edward's repeated cautions, Bella can't help but fall in love with him, a fatal move that endangers her own life when a coven of bloodsuckers try to challenge the Cullen clan.

Actors: Billy Burke , Robert Pattinson , Kristen Stewart , Matt Bushell , Sarah Clarke , Nikki Reed , Kellan Lutz , Elizabeth Reaser , Jackson Rathbone , Ashley Greene , Peter Facinelli , Taylor Lautner
Directors: Catherine Hardwicke
Country: USA
Release: 2008-11-21
More Info:
  • Will Lawrence

    A sometimes girlie swirl of obsession that will delight fans, this faithful adaptation is after teenage blood, and will most likely hit a box office artery.

    Empire Full Review
  • David Denby

    A genuine love story might be difficult for a young audience to handle, but this fantasy is blissful madness--an abstinence fable sexier than sex.

    The New Yorker Full Review
  • Steven Rea

    Twilight - directed with savvy humor by Catherine Hardwicke - turns vampirism into a metaphor for teen lust.

    Philadelphia Inquirer Full Review
  • Peter Hartlaub

    Twilight has a few gory plot turns - mostly offscreen - and one near-sex scene that may offend a few Amish people, but the rest is maybe 33 percent less wholesome than "High School Musical." It's almost certainly less risque than what you were watching when you were 14. (Cue the soundtrack to "Risky Business.")

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Tracie Cooper

    In terms of bringing the book to life, Twilight is a complete success, so much so that most of the film's flaws work within the context of the story.

    TV Guide Full Review
  • Ty Burr

    Actually, the movie's a better movie than the book was a book, in part because Meyer struggled to put her characters' galloping emotions into print whereas director Catherine Hardwicke just visualizes them in all their inarticulate purpleness.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Lawrence Toppman

    Pattison grows on us as he grows on Bella: His weird mannerisms and nervous delivery stop seeming like quirks and acquire an intensity that's hard to resist by the end.

    Charlotte Observer Full Review
  • Owen Gleiberman

    On screen, Twilight is repetitive and a tad sodden, too prosaic to really soar. But Hardwicke stirs this teen pulp to a pleasing simmer.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Stephanie Zacharek

    Hardwicke still manages to find the sweet spot where Gothic literature and the iPod meet and make goo-goo eyes at each other. Without embarrassment, she and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg dig right into the almost generic simplicity of the story. Full Review
  • David Edelstein

    The best thing in the movie is Stewart. She was the leggy hobo-camp teen in love with Emile Hirsch in "Into the Wild," and she's better at conveying physical longing than any of the actors playing vampires.

    New York Magazine (Vulture) Full Review
  • Kenneth Turan

    Hardwicke has connected so intensely to the Meyer novel that it's hard to imagine anyone else making a better version.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Richard Corliss

    So Twilight isn't a masterpiece -- no matter. It rekindles the warmth of great Hollywood romances, where foreplay was the climax and a kiss was never just a kiss.

    Time Full Review
  • Michael O'Sullivan

    On the whole, Twilight works as both love story and vampire story, thanks mainly to the performances of its principals, Pattinson and Stewart.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Peter Travers

    Bummer. The vampires have no fangs. The humans are humdrum. The special effects and makeup define cheeseball. And the movie crowds in so many characters from Stephenie Meyer’s book that Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen) is less a director than a traffic cop. But there’s a reason that Twilight has already become the movie equivalent of a bestseller: The love story has teeth.

    Rolling Stone Full Review
  • Roger Ebert

    Twilight will mesmerize its target audience, 16-year-old girls and their grandmothers. Their mothers know all too much about boys like this.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Michael Phillips

    The superfast running effects, with Edward dashing up mountains, or rival, evil vampires swooping here and there at amazing speed, look genuinely cheesy, like the guy running the race in the smart-phone ad. I'm surprised Hardwicke and her colleagues couldn't solve this one more effectively. Set pieces such as a vampire baseball game fall flat as well.

    Chicago Tribune Full Review
  • Sara Frederick

    None of the movie's flaws will matter. Teenage girls are going to love Twilight,and many are sure to see it more than once.

    Miami Herald Full Review
  • James Berardinelli

    Twilight isn't an especially good movie, but neither is it an abomination. At times, the dialogue is laugh-aloud bad - almost to the point of being hilarious.

    ReelViews Full Review
  • Kirk Honeycutt

    An underwhelming vampire romance long on camp but short on emotional insight

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Elizabeth Weitzman

    It's disappointing when a big-screen romance can't match up to the one in your imagination, at any age.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Manohla Dargis

    Though Edward and Bella reach certain heights in Twilight, notably during a charming scene that finds them leaping from piney treetop to treetop against the spectacular wilderness backdrop, the story’s moral undertow keeps dragging them down.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • Dana Stevens

    As a life lesson for teenage girls, Twilight (excuse the pun) sucks. As a parable for the dark side of female desire, it's weirdly powerful.

    Slate Full Review
  • Marc Mohan

    Every generation gets the cinematic vampires it deserves...The current decade, judging from the bloodsuckers on display in Twilight, will be remembered as one of guilt, restraint and denial. It's just not that fun to be undead anymore.

    Portland Oregonian Full Review
  • Kyle Smith

    Edward's a remarkable young gentleman when you consider the hell he's been through: It turns out he's always 17, his fate to keep repeating high school, forever and ever. If that's my only option, kindly burn me at the stake.

    New York Post Full Review
  • Claudia Puig

    Despite questionable casting, wooden acting, laughable dialogue and truly awful makeup, nothing is likely to stop young girls from swarming to this kitschy adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's popular novel.

    USA Today Full Review
  • Jenni Miller

    The religious symbolism couldn't be more obvious (or disturbing). Keep your religion out of our vampires, Hollywood!

    Premiere Full Review
  • Rick Groen

    Sometimes sensitive and often silly but really, essentially, beneath his pallor and her panting and their intertwined frustrations, it's just two long hours of coitus interruptus.

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Full Review
  • Michael Sragow

    The movie is mainly geared to putting new twists on what John Hughes comedies used to call "sucking face." It will satisfy Meyer's devotees.

    Baltimore Sun Full Review
  • Travis Nichols

    Those who want something to really sink their teeth into should head home on a rainy day, put on some goth anthems and reread the books.

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer Full Review
  • Chuck Wilson

    In the 17-million-copy land of "Twilight," the calling card isn't blood and fangs, but the exquisite, shimmering quiver of unconsummated first love. By that measure, the movie version gives really good swoon.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Justin Chang

    A disappointingly anemic tale of forbidden love that should satiate the pre-converted but will bewilder and underwhelm viewers who haven't devoured Stephenie Meyer's bestselling juvie chick-lit franchise.

    Variety Full Review
  • J.R. Jones

    This adaptation of the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer never rises above the level of a teen soaper on the CW, and its pale, sulky boy toys (Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Jackson Rathbone) are more silly than scary.

    Chicago Reader Full Review
  • Genevieve Koski

    While the movie attempts to find an compelling middle ground between gothic supernaturalism and teenage romance, it usually winds up stumbling into the inane territory implied by both descriptions.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Robert Koehler

    A young and as-yet-unformed actor, Stewart is cast in a role she's simply not ready for, and her effort to work hard – exactly what any actor must hide from the audience – is painfully visible in every scene. By contrast, Pattinson is smooth as glass, a born movie star who only needs to slant his eyes to grab attention.

    Christian Science Monitor Full Review
  • Joe Morgenstern

    In a film that has the courage of its absurdity but not much else, Mr. Pattinson gets the best of what passes for style.

    Wall Street Journal Full Review
  • Pete Vonder Haar

    Q: When is a vampire not a vampire? A: When it goes out in daylight, sees itself in a mirror, doesn’t drink human blood, and still manages to suck.

    Film Threat Full Review
  • Marc Savlov

    I've had mosquito bites that were more passionate than this undead, unrequited, and altogether unfun pseudo-romantic riff on Romeo and Juliet.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Lisa Schwarzbaum

    Fan-ready and saga-solid.

    Entertainment Weekly Full Review
  • Dana Stevens

    Mopey, draggy, and absurdly self-important, the movie nonetheless twangs at some resonant affective chord. This viewer, at least, was catapulted back to that moment of adolescence when being mopey, draggy, and absurdly self-important felt like a passionate act of liberation.

    Slate Full Review
  • Michael Phillips

    Why does “New Moon” basically work, even with its grave self-seriousness? A few reasons. Weitz lets the material breathe, and his actors interact. The film does not try to eat you alive.

    Chicago Tribune Full Review
  • Carrie Rickey

    Given this swoon-inducer, Summit Entertainment would be well-advised to set up fainting couches in the multiplex lobby and provide smelling salts to those who need them.

    Philadelphia Inquirer Full Review
  • Kevin C. Johnson

    May be one of the most fun-free, angst-ridden teens we've seen on the big screen in a long time.

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch Full Review
  • Jordan Mintzer

    Carried by Kristen Stewart's compellingly dark performance, but also by helmer Chris Weitz's robust visuals.

    Variety Full Review
  • Michael Rechtshaffen

    Once again, the three young leads give committed performances, with Lautner's character allowed a larger share of the spotlight this time around.

    The Hollywood Reporter Full Review
  • Claudia Puig

    The werewolves have it all over the blood-suckers in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. When these oversize, hirsute creatures burst onto the screen, they inject life into a rather inert story.

    USA Today Full Review
  • Michael O'Sullivan

    Despite melodrama that, at times, is enough to induce diabetes, there's enough wolf whistle in this sexy, scary romp to please anyone.

    Washington Post Full Review
  • Anna Smith

    Is this sequel defending its fan base and preempting criticism about its transparent agenda? This IS a soap opera, folks--and acceptable escapism for those old enough to see it yet still young enough to shriek at undead dreamboats.

    Time Out New York Full Review
  • Kenneth Turan

    Constrained by the plot of the novel, the film keeps the two lovers apart for quite a spell, robbing the project of the crazy-in-love energy that made "Twilight," the first entry in the series, such a guilty pleasure.

    Los Angeles Times Full Review
  • Elizabeth Weitzman

    Weitz takes a looser approach than the series’ last director, Catherine Hardwicke, did. He has a better sense of humor, too.

    New York Daily News Full Review
  • Helen O'Hara

    If you buy in to the central romance, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll swoon. Otherwise, the lingering glances, lip-chewing and regular de-shirting may cause uncontrollable giggles.

    Empire Full Review
  • M. E. Russell

    More solidly crafted and insults its audience quite a bit less than its predecessor, and it sets up several nice emotionally complicated cliffhangers for the next installment. I hope its target audience has a blast.

    Portland Oregonian Full Review
  • Mick LaSalle

    Let's just say it: It's great there's a movie that makes teenage girls scream. Half the movies Hollywood makes are designed to make teenage boys scream, and those boy movies are just as ridiculous and a lot nastier than New Moon.

    San Francisco Chronicle Full Review
  • Ty Burr

    Where the first film’s director, Catherine Hardwicke, plugged into Meyer’s vision of supernatural teenage lust with abandon, Chris Weitz is stuck with a sequel that’s a morning-after mope-fest.

    Boston Globe Full Review
  • Rene Rodriguez

    In the sequel, Weitz lays on a pop song and slow-motion during a critical scene involving the sudden reappearance of a fearsome villain, giving everything an MTV-slick, teen-friendly gloss and reminding you this is just a movie -- a somewhat silly and hollow one.

    Miami Herald Full Review
  • Liam Lacey

    Actress Kristen Stewart – coolly intense, androgynous, and intelligent – remains the series' strongest asset, as Bela, the emotional centre of the story.

    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Full Review
  • Peter Travers

    Ever since "True Blood" glamoured me, Twilight seems even more sexless and toothless. I prefer my undead with a little life in them.

    Rolling Stone Full Review
  • James Berardinelli

    The storyline is all over the place, with numerous unresolved subplots sprouting out of thin air and being left hanging (presumably to be resolved in future movies).

    ReelViews Full Review
  • Peter Rainer

    It probably won't make a jot of difference to all the screaming tweeners lining up to see this movie, but The Twilight Saga: New Moon is not wonderful.

    Christian Science Monitor Full Review
  • Jessica Hopper

    The movie's script and production values represent a big step up from the nearly unwatchable predecessor and make it suitable viewing even for people who aren't Twilight nerds.

    Chicago Reader Full Review
  • Genevieve Koski

    In spite of its wealth of conflict, New Moon suffers from a dearth of accompanying tension and excitement, thanks to the increasingly tedious relationship at its center.

    The A.V. Club Full Review
  • Manohla Dargis

    The big tease turns into the long goodbye in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the juiceless, near bloodless sequel.

    The New York Times Full Review
  • David Edelstein

    Weitz’s pacing is so limp you’re going to need the electricity generated by a live audience to keep from yelling, “Hurry it up!”

    New York Magazine (Vulture) Full Review
  • Kyle Smith

    New Moon is supposed to be an exciting love story plus monster action. So where’s the excitement? Where’s the action?

    New York Post Full Review
  • Lawrence Toppman

    The sequel to the 2008 hit “Twilight” makes no effort to satisfy outsiders. It's strictly for devotees who won't balk at plot absurdities, clunky dialogue and patchy characterizations.

    Charlotte Observer Full Review
  • Stephanie Zacharek

    New Moon, on the other hand, merely follows a dictated formula. It's a cheap, shoddy piece of work, one that banks on moviegoers' anticipation without even bothering to craft a satisfying experience for them. Its pandering is an insult. Full Review
  • Ella Taylor

    Chaste, oddly bloodless, and nearly plotless saga.

    Village Voice Full Review
  • Kimberley Jones

    I’m told Bella’s helplessness is true to the spirit of the novels, but so what? It’s almost 2010 – let’s get hip, people.

    Austin Chronicle Full Review
  • Roger Ebert

    The Twilight Saga: New Moon takes the tepid achievement of "Twilight" (1988), guts it, and leaves it for undead.

    Chicago Sun-Times Full Review
  • Jessica Baxter

    It’s intellectually and socially detrimental to both literature and cinema, simultaneously.

    Film Threat Full Review
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