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  • Salem
    Salem (2014)
    Set in the volatile world of 17th century Massachusetts, it explores what really fueled the town’s infamous witch trials and centers on Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), the beautiful, ruthless but vulnerable wife of an ancient, ailing but very wealthy Salem town Selectman. Brannon Braga and Adam Simon created the Fox 21 series, which is executive produced by Prospect Park’s Josh Barry and Jeff Kwatinetz. The cast includes Seth Gabel (who narrates the trailer), Shane West, Ashley Madekwe, Xander Berkeley, Tamzin Merchant and Elise Eberle.

  • Fargo
    Fargo (2014)
    From the Coen brothers is a fresh story spun out of the world of the Oscar-winning film. A drifter named Lorne Malvo arrives in small-town Minnesota and influences the population with his malice and violence, including put-upon insurance salesman Lester Nygaard.

  • The Challeng...
    The Challenge (1998)
    Each Challenge pits numerous cast members from past seasons of Real World and Road Rules against each other (only the Fresh Meat Challenge has introduced new cast members that have never appeared on either The Real World or Road Rules), dividing them into two separate teams according to different criteria, such as by gender, which of the two shows they first appeared on, whether or not they're veterans or rookies on the show, etc. The two teams compete in numerous missions in order to win prizes and advance in the overall game.

  • The Real Hou...
    The Real Housewives of New York City (2008)
    Bravo brings you into the lives of five women and their families who live in one of the wealthiest communities in the country. They take the viewer into their lives to show their lives aren't always perfect.

  • The Next Ste...
    The Next Step (2013)
    As the A-Troupe dancers prepare for the regional dance competition, relationships and loyalties are put to the test at the Next Step studio.

  • Undeniable
    Undeniable (2014)
    Brand new two-part thriller about a woman called Jane Fielding who believes she recognises her mother's killer 23 years after the murder took place. Nearly a quarter of a century later, Jane is married to Rob and has a daughter of her own, but the traumatic events of that day still haunt her. She was the sole witness and is constantly aware that the murderer is still at large. While on a routine visit to hospital, she locks eyes with the man believes killed her mother. Andrew Rawlins is a respected consultant oncologist and family man whose status and impeccable demeanour make him an unlikely suspect. Furthermore, it emerges that Jane has made accusations against others in the past - identifications which proved to be entirely false. Her family and the investigating police begin to worry that this is just another such claim and that Jane is crumbling emotionally before their eyes.

  • The Crimson ...
    The Crimson Field (2014)
    In an army hospital the staff heal the bodies and souls of men wounded in the trenches.

  • Jessie
    Jessie (1984)
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  • Silicon Vall...
    Silicon Valley (2014)
    In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. Richard is an introverted computer programmer living in the Hacker Hostel start-up incubator along with his best friend, Big Head, pompous Gilfoyle and dry-witted Dinesh. These social misfits live under the watch of Erlich, a self-satisfied dotcom millionaire who lets them stay in his house for free – as long as he gets a ten percent stake in their projects. After a failed pitch to billionaire venture capitalist Peter Gregory, Richard Seems destined to remain at his job at the tech company Hooli, founded by the megalomaniacal Gavin Belson. When Monica, Gregory’s head of operations, and Jared, a Hooli executive, realize the value of the site’s compression algorithm, a bidding war erupts between Belson and Gregory, with Richard caught in the middle.

  • Turn
    Turn (2014)
    Turn is set in the summer of 1778 and tells the story of New York farmer, Abe Woodhull, who bands together with a group of childhood friends to form The Culper Ring, an unlikely group of spies who turn the tide in America’s fight for independence.

  • Secrets of t...
    Secrets of the Third Reich (2014)
    A celebrated Nazi general plots Hitler's assassination. A sunken U-boat mysteriously vanishes. The Fuhrer's own physician nearly kills him with dubious treatments. These are just a few of the "Secrets of the Third Reich", a four-part series that takes you behind the scenes, under the ocean, and into the minds of some of World War II's most prominent figures. Join us as we uncover the little-known stories that played a large role in determining the fate of the war...and those who fought in it. (Source: Smithsonian Channel)

  • New Worlds
    New Worlds (2014)
    Set in the turbulent 1680s, this four-part drama takes place on both sides of the Atlantic, as these two young men and two young women commit their lives to a fairer future with blood, passion and urgency. New Worlds is a gripping story of love and loss and the human price paid for the freedoms we enjoy today.

  • Lottery
    Lottery (1983)
    An Intersweep Lottery representative (Ben Murphy) and an IRS agent (Marshall Colt) deliver big cash prizes to lucky winners across the country. ABC comes up with yet another show that places the anthology structure in a series setting. That is the case with Lottery, which made its debut on September 9, 1983 at 8 pm in a 90-minute special. Ben Murphy and Marshall Colt are, respectively, the dapper representatives of a worldwide lottery giveaway who reluctantly have Uncle Sam as a not-too-silent third partner. The average sum given away is $2.5 million. The show's promise is rooted in the fictitious Intersweep Lottery and its winning ticket-holders. Ben Murphy plays Intersweep's American representative with the joie de vivre of Santa Claus. Marshall Colt is cast as Murphy's partner of sorts, an IRS agent assigned to make sure Uncle Sam gets his share. Their relationship is nicely drawn, with Murphy's devil-may-care approach balanced by the more serious Colt. When trouble arises, Murphy plunges into the spirit of adventure, while Colt timidly and reluctantly tags along. Trouble of one sort or another is what the two men find as they dispense checks that don't always bring happiness. The stories are not divided into separate segments, but rather are mixed together throughout the show.

  • Trawlermen
    Trawlermen (2006)
    Trawlermen is a BBC television documentary programme focusing on the work of a number of trawler crews based in Peterhead. The programme is narrated by the actor Ken Stott.

  • The Capones
    The Capones (2014)
    The spirit of the infamous gangster Al Capone still lives on in Chicago in the form of his drama-filled, lasagna-loving dysfunctional family, the Capones. Direct descendants of Al Capone himself are living a true mashup of the American Dream. With a notorious bloodline and larger-than-life personalities, this workplace docuseries follows the goodfellas as they run the family Italian restaurant and try to keep peace at the Capone mansion with the extended family all living under one roof. Each episode follows Dom Capone “The Boss” as he runs this unkempt crew at his Italian eatery with an iron fist. The only one who keeps this loud-mouthed and fiery boss in check is his mother, Dawn. As co-owner of the restaurant with her son, Dawn is the meddling mother who gets involved in everyone’s business, whether they like it or not. Surrounding Dom and Dawn Capone are an unusual cast of characters even by reality show standards. Dom’s current girlfriend “The Princess” and ex-girlfriend “Madness Cherry Lips”, two crazy aunts and the unemployed friend “Sausage”, drunken cousins, a pathological liar, flirty waitresses, an eccentric uncle “Toupee Lou”, an Irishman, and of course, the neighborhood troublemakers “Meatball” and “Bart” and that just includes the staff. However dysfunctional this cast of characters can get, they always end the week with the traditional Sunday dinner where the drama is always spicier than the pepperoni. Despite all the arguing, yelling, jealousy and manipulation, the passion and love that holds this family together runs deep. No matter what happens, they always stick together and know that family comes first no matter what.

  • Blandings
    Blandings (2013)
    Blandings is a period comedy series based on PG Wodehouse's stories and adapted for television by Guy Andrews. Set in 1929 in the fictional Blandings Castle, Lord Emsworth finds it hard to keep his dysfunctional family in order and usually ends up adding to the chaos himself.

  • Impact Wrest...
    Impact Wrestling (2004)
    "TNA iMPACT!" is 2 hours of fast paced, innovative, usually high flying, sometimes brutal pro-wrestling. Featuring a mix of stars you know and love and new, up and coming talent, it'll blow away the cobwebs and leave you wanting more.

  • The Walshes
    The Walshes (2014)
    Following the Walshes a typical Irish family living in West Dublin were the kids are outgrowing the family home since the state of the Irish economy has forced the kids Ciara and Rory to live at home with Mammy, Carmel and Dad, Tony.

  • Step Dave
    Step Dave (2014)
    Meet Dave, a 24-year-old Kiwi slacker whose life is turned upside down when he meets the woman of his dreams, Cara - 15 years his senior with three kids and some serious baggage in tow. Hilarious, unconventional and a just little bit scandalous, Step Dave is a brand-new Kiwi comedy-drama series from writer, Kate McDermott (Go Girls, Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune). Like all of us, Dave just wants an easy life. But with Cara's formidable mother-in-law, her sassy daughters and Dave's hapless best friend all against the relationship, Step Dave is set to take viewers down a rocky road of romance, drama and laughter. (Source: TVNZ)

  • Law and Orde...
    Law and Order UK (2009)
    The longest running crime series in U.S. television history is making its way across the pond for a UK reworking. Series creator Dick Wolf is set to give Law & Order a makeover-for fans in the UK. Law & Order: UK promises to retain the grittiness of the original series, but be uniquely British.

  • Bodies
    Bodies (2004)
    Bodies is a new medical drama from BBC3 based on the book Bodies by Jed Mercurio, the series is the channel's attempt to break into hour long dramas with its most successful shows to date being half hour comedies (Little Britain etc.). The drama's been described as a "dark, sometimes funny" take on the favorite genre made popular through such shows as Casualty and Holby City. The six part series is made by Hat Trick Productions and co-commissioned for BBC Three and BBC Two. Creator, Writer & Producer: Jed Mercurio Starring: Max Beesley Patrick Baladi Neve McIntosh Keith Allen Susan Lynch Tamzin Malleson See Bodies Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC 2.

  • Marvel Studi...
    Marvel Studios: Assembling A Universe (2014)
    Join stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, celebrity fans, filmmakers and pop culture icons for a world premiere primetime event, "Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe", on Tuesday, March 18 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Go deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe than ever before Tuesday, March 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC Marvel Studios has pioneered and broken box-office records around the world, creating a cinematic universe unlike any other in pop culture history through its blockbuster films. Beginning with "Iron Man" in 2008 and continuing today through "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on ABC and the theatrical release of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" this April, the Marvel Cinematic Universe presents audiences with some of the most groundbreaking and dynamic storytelling that brings an unprecedented vision to the world of entertainment. In this exclusive primetime documentary special, audiences will be taken further into the Marvel Cinematic Universe than ever before, offering viewers a front row seat to the inception of Marvel Studios, the record-breaking films, the cultural phenomenon, and further expansion of the universe by Marvel Television. Marvel's first television special documents the exciting story behind Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from all of the Marvel films, the Marvel One-Shots and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Viewers will walk a clear path through this amazing and nuanced universe, featuring sneak peeks at the future of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on ABC, new footage from Marvel Studios' upcoming theatrical releases, "Captain America: The Winter Solider" and "Guardians of The Galaxy," and a sneak peek at the upcoming Marvel's "The Avengers: Age of Ultron." (Source: Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • Shetland
    Shetland (2013)
    Shetland is a drama series adapted from the series of books by award-winning crime writer Ann Cleeves. The murder-mystery is set against the stunning backdrop of the Shetland Islands and centres on Detective Jimmy Perez played by Douglas Henshall.

  • Lizard Lick ...
    Lizard Lick Towing (2010)
    Ron and Amy Shirley primarily repossess vehicles and machinery. Their clients are lien holders. Ron's role is to locate and repossess property, while Amy deals with irate owners who come demanding that their property be returned. Ron opened "Lizard Lick Towing" in 1998 with one truck. With Amy's help, the business grew over a period of 10 years to become a successful company with a staff of 15 and a fleet of 20 trucks. Ron, who is an ordained minister with a soft spot for people who have fallen on hard times, prepares a huge barbecue meal each year to help some of the people who have had their property repossessed by "Lizard Lick Towing". (Source: truTV)

  • The Widower
    The Widower (2014)
    The Widower is a crime drama series broadcast on itv. Over a thirteen year period Malcolm Webster poisons and murders his first wife and then tries to do the same thing to his second wife before moving on to a new scheme to deceive his new fiancée.

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