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  • Afghanistan:...
    Afghanistan: The Lion's Last Roar? (2014)
    'Afghanistan: The Lion's Last Roar?' is a documentary following British troops withdrawal from the war-torn country, after more then 13 years of involvement in the country and a decade of fighting. 453 British soldiers have given their lives in the 10 years. Currently 8/108/10 (1 Vote cast)

  • The Red Tent
    The Red Tent (2014)
    A two part adaptation of the 1997 best-selling novel 'The Red Tent' follows Dina the biblical character from the old testament - the daughter of Leah and Jacob.

  • The Comeback
    The Comeback (2005)
    "The Comeback" stars Lisa Kudrow as a one-time sitcom star who is trying to revive her career. Kudrow and Michael Patrick King (executive producer of Sex and the City) co-wrote the pilot script and will executive produce the series. Kudrow's producing partner Dan Bucatinsky is set to executive produce through the duo's production company, Is or Isn't Entertainment.

  • The Job Lot
    The Job Lot (2013)
    The Job Lot is a comedy series set in a West Midlands job centre. The show stars Sarah Hadland, Russell Tovey and Jo Enright. Currently 6.6/106.6/10 (5 Votes cast)

  • Dream School
    Dream School (2013)
    Imagine a school where your favorite rock-star is the music teacher, P.E. is run by an Olympian, and the science professor has a Nobel prize. A place where celebrities with a passion to give something back, strive to transform the children our education system has failed. Welcome to "Dream School" - an ambitious social experiment where the best and the brightest in our culture teach kids that have been falling through cracks in the system. Based on the UK phenomenon, Executive Produced by Jamie Oliver and Fresh One, "Dream School" reinvents education to rekindle a generation's love for learning. (Source: Sundance Channel) Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • Hollywood Di...
    Hollywood Divas (2014)
    Spinoff of the R&B Divas franchise. Hollywood Divas, will feature the lives of five women in Hollywood. Former,The Parkers star and Actress Countess Vaughn Former Girlfriends star and Actress Golden Brooks Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star and Ed Hartwell's EX-Wife Lisa Wu Actress Elise Neal Actress Paula Jai Parker will all star in the series. Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • Scrotal Reca...
    Scrotal Recall (2014)
    'Scrotal Recall' follows the life of Dylan Witter. Dylan must contact everyone he has ever slept with to let them know he has an STI. He decides to use the quest as a mission of every squandered opportunity, broken promises and romantic car-crashes. In each episode, Dylan will seek out a different girl from his STI list. Currently 5.3/105.3/10 (3 Votes cast)

  • The Getaway
    The Getaway (2013)
    Anyone can be a tourist, but to experience a city like a local takes a great guide. From executive producer Anthony Bourdain and Zero Point Zero Production, comes a series that tags along with travel-loving celebs as they explore the world's most amazing cities. Each week a new celeb takes on a new city - meeting culinary innovators, sampling local libations and exploring the hot spots that make these getaways unforgettable. The first season features Joel McHale in Belfast, Northern Ireland; Aziz Ansari in Hong Kong; Aisha Tyler in Paris; Grammy Award-winning performer-songwriter Eve in Kingston, Jamaica; acclaimed chef José Andrés in San Juan, Puerto Rico and more to be announced. (Source: Esquire Network) Currently 8/108/10 (1 Vote cast)

  • 7th Heaven
    7th Heaven (1996)
    The Show 7th Heaven originated on the WB in 1996. 7th Heaven is based on the friends and family of Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins). Eric and his wife Annie (Catherine Hicks) over the past 11 years have raised their 7 kids, Matt (Barry Watson), Mary (Jessica Biel), Lucy (Beverley Mitchell), Simon (David Gallagher), Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman), Sam and David (Lorenzo and Nikolas Brino). Throughout the run of the series the family have overcome many obstacles such as being shot, car accidents, heart conditions, pregnancies and weddings. In the end the family is always there to support each other. Lately many members of the family have been dealing with very difficult situations. Some of those situations include Sarah (Sarah Danielle Madison) and Matt's secret elope being revealed to the Camden family, Carlos (Carlos Ponce) and Mary's split up, Rose (Sarah Thompson) and Simon's wedding plans, Simon getting incomplete's at college, Simon being in debt. Also Lucy has been under much pressure with her new job. Friends of the family have also been dealing with struggles such as Meredith Davies (Megan Henning) losing her first love. Martin Brewer (Tyler Hoechlin) and Sandy Jameson (Haylie Duff) also find out they're having a child together, at first Martin ignores the whole thing until baby is born, at that point he steps in and performs his duties as a father. Last season Simon had planned on marrying Rose but on the season finale the wedding was called off. We also find out that Mary, Matt and Lucy are having twins. We find out that Mary is graduating college but are unaware what she was taking, her and Carlos got back together. Lastly we were left with a minor cliffhanger regarding Sandy and Simon. New Season & New Network This season Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, and Beverley Mitchell reprise their roles in Glenoak. Nikolas Brino, Tyler Hoechlin, Haylie Duff, Lorenzo Brino and George Stults will also be returning for the 11th season. The show will be taking a more realistic direction as Eric deals with his health. Lucy lost the twins over the summer and has been very depressed. Ruthie is living in Scotland on exchange, Mary moved back to New York to be a teacher. Matt and Sarah are now doctors living in New York. Simon is on his last year of College. Sam and David are the only 2 kids left living at home along with long time pet Happy. Martin is also the father of Aaron but we still do not know what Sandy and Simon were talking about after the wedding. Currently 6.3/106.3/10 (17 Votes cast)

  • Drifters
    Drifters (2013)
    Drifters is a comedy series broadcast on E4. Three best friends who live in Leeds have just finished university and are having difficulty in getting a job, a place to live that's half decent, and a boyfriend they actually like! Currently 8/108/10 (2 Votes cast)

  • The Libraria...
    The Librarians US (2014)
    Tentatively titled "The Librarians", the proposed series would revolve around a group of younger men and women eager to become Flynn’s successor as the protector of secret artifacts. The green light for the series is cast-contingent, hinging on finding an actress for the lead role of a strong, ass-kicking woman. (Source:

  • Love/Hate
    Love/Hate (2010)
    He skipped Dublin when a gun was found in his house and he's been living for the past year in Spain but Darren Tracey decides to risk it and come back to Dublin. He's homesick and a party for his brother's release from prison is the perfect excuse. It's only for the weekend but sometimes life is full of surprises - especially if you and your friends are in gangland. When one of the gang is killed, suspicion runs rife and thoughts turn to revenge. (Source: RTÉ TV) Currently 9.7/109.7/10 (3 Votes cast)

  • Soul Mates
    Soul Mates (2014)
    Soul Mates has fun with big life questions as the twin souls of a pair of Bondi Hipsters appear throughout history and the future in a fresh blend of sketch comedy with a narrative arc. A bromance for the ages, Soul Mates is the story of two kindred spirits trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth. Across four different lifetimes with no knowledge of their past lives, they are forever drawn together as mates. (Source: abc2 homepage australia) Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • The Bachelor...
    The Bachelor Canada (2012)
    The Bachelor Canada is a Canadian reality television series based on the American television series of the same name. Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • 12 Monkeys
    12 Monkeys (2014)
    12 Monkeys explores the provocative story of Cole, a time traveler from a decimated future in a high-stakes race against the clock. Utilizing a dangerous and untested method of time travel, he journeys from 2043 to the present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will all but annihilate the human race.

  • Beyond Candi...
    Beyond Candid With Giuliana (2014)
    Building on her long history of revealing interviews with some of Hollywood's biggest names, Giuliana Rancic is taking her signature candid and relatable sit-down celebrity profiles to the next level with the new series of specials, "Beyond Candid with Giuliana".

  • Batman Beyon...
    Batman Beyond (1999)
    It's been years since Batman was last seen and Bruce Wayne secludes himself away from the resurgence of crime in Gotham. After discovering Bruce's secret identity, troubled teenager Terry McGinnis dons the mantle of Batman. With Bruce supervising him, Terry battles criminals in a futuristic Gotham and brings hope to its citizens.

  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth (2006)
    Planet Earth is a 2006 television series produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. Five years in the making, it was the most expensive nature documentary series ever commissioned by the BBC and was described by its makers as "the definitive look at the diversity of our planet". Each 50 minute episode features a global overview of a different biome or habitat on Earth, followed by a ten-minute featurette which takes a behind-the-scenes look.

  • Freak Out
    Freak Out (2014)
    ABC Family has ordered "Freak Out", a 14-episode alternative series from Jersey Shore executive producer SallyAnn Salsano. The half-hour hidden-camera prank show will premiere this fall during the network’s annual 13 Nights of Halloween. Each episode of Freak Out will feature an unsuspecting mark whose fears come to life with elaborate special effects, intricate makeup, twisted actors and multiple cameras. (Source:

  • How to be a ...
    How to be a Grown Up (2014)
    On HOW TO BE A GROWN UP, comics will offer humorous advice and common-sense solutions to universal issues facing all adults who feel like they're a kid stuck in a grown-up body through interviews, sketches and animation.

  • Friends of t...
    Friends of the People (2014)
    Reality-focuses truTV is expanding into scripted programming with a green light to its first-ever sketch-comedy series: Friends of the People, for a launch this summer. It stars comedians Kevin Barnett (Guy Code), Jennifer Bartels (In Living Color reboot), Jermaine Fowler (Comedy Underground with Dave Attell), Lil Rel Howery (In Living Color reboot), The Lucas Bros. (22 Jump Street) and Josh Rabinowitz (I Just Want My Pants Back). The network has ordered 10 episodes, including the pilot, for Friends of the People scripted sketches and man-on-the-street segments. The sketches in the pilot include a previously-untold story from television history, and the adventures of “Tracy Morgan Freeman.” (Source: truTV)

  • Give Out Gir...
    Give Out Girls (2014)
    Give Out Girls is a fresh new sitcom about the stories and secrets of a gang of four girls, two guys and their boss who work in the world of promotions. Being ignored or verbally abused is just part of the job for these girls as they vie to become the all important top seller of the day. Give Out Girls follows the team as they are let loose flogging dodgy goods in even dodgier locations, whilst injecting as much mischief into the day as they can to make it pass as quickly as possible.

  • Detectorists
    Detectorists (2014)
    Detectorists follows the relationship between two friends who share a passion for metal detecting. When Andy and Lance are together, they're like an old married couple. They gripe at each other, but there is a true bond underneath. Each has their own slightly dysfunctional lives but together they dream of finding a priceless Saxon hoard that will cement their place in detecting history. Helping them along the way is a delightfully quirky crowd of characters who are drawn to this all-absorbing hobby.

  • Pond Stars
    Pond Stars (2014)
    "Pond Stars" follows the wild world of pond building, as this talented team transforms uninspired spaces into water feature wonderlands, bringing wildlife into backyards and public areas all across America.

  • Party Tricks
    Party Tricks (2014)
    Party Tricks chronicles Kate Ballard's campaign to become the next State Premier. A committed and rigorous politician, Kate's victory seems assured until a new opposition leader, popular television and radio personality David McLeod, is selected. As the drama unfolds, it is revealed that several years ago Kate and David had a secret, tumultuous affair. To the world at large, David and Kate offer a compelling battle of style versus substance, but a paranoid Kate fears that their complicated romantic history is a trump card waiting to be played. Played out on a grand scale, Party Tricks becomes a cat-and-mouse game which culminates in an election night finale.

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