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  • Angry Boys
    Angry Boys (2011)
    Angry Boys is a comedy series created by Chris Lilley. The series is a mockumentary which features identical twins Daniel and Nathan Sims from We Can Be Heroes as well as a host of new characters. Currently 8.3/108.3/10 (3 Votes cast)

  • Jack and Bob...
    Jack and Bobby (2004)
    Faux documentary series from 2049 about Bobby McCallister, the US president elected eight years earlier, and his older brother Jack. Talking head interviews with Bobby's staff are combined with reenactment footage of the McCallisters' teenage years, dealing with a pot smoking mother and typical high school drama. Also explored is Jack's tentative romance with Courtney Benedict, who would eventually become Bobby's first lady.

  • Youre the Wo...
    Youre the Worst (2014)
    Centers on two toxic, self-destructive people who fall in love and attempt a relationship.

  • Young Marvel...
    Young Marvels (2014)
    Ovation’s new series, "Young Marvels", looks at the incredible children who are making landmark achievements in all areas of the arts. The series will feature several remarkable prodigies, exploring their intense world of juggling practices or studio time with the day-to-day stresses of just being a kid. Through each of their stories, we’ll discover what it’s like to grow up with immense artistic gifts and the hardships and sacrifices that accompany such great powers. (Source: Ovation TV) Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • Beasts of th...
    Beasts of the Bayou (2014)
    For hundreds of years, the marshes of Louisiana have been plagued by mysterious creatures intent on causing mass destruction. Some believe that these creatures are ones of mythical ancestry. Others believe there are more scientific explanations for the increased levels of destruction in the area over the years. Whose theories will be proven true? Discovery Channel ventures deep into the bayou to explore all possible scenarios in Beasts Of The Bayou, where Captain Blimp Cheramie, his first mate, Eric, and his nephew, Nathan, search through the marshes of Louisiana, on the hunt for the legendary creatures that are rumored to haunt the thousands of square miles of swampland around their homes. (Source: Discovery) Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • Charlie Jade
    Charlie Jade (2005)
    We are introduced to at least three parallel universes in "Charlie Jade" and the collective name is Multiverse. The Alphaverse, the Betaverse and the Gammaverse. Alphaverse is highly developed technologically, and is ruled by corporations. Betaverse, is our universe and Gammaverse is in comparison a version of paradise. Scientists have found a way to open a gate between them, unknown to the general population of each universe. Charlie Jade, our hero, is from Alphaverse where he makes a living as a private eye. Although cynical and tough, he has a good life there: a beautiful girlfriend, a way to live without being at the mercy of one of the ruling corporations. A case leads him to a facility, and he witnesses some terrorists blowing it up. He realize that the explosion caused him to end up someplace else, the world he finds himself is eerily similar and yet vastly different from his own, and he needs to find his way home. Shot on location in South-Africa and is a co-production between Canada and South-Africa, this is probably one of the most intelligent and unique science fiction shows to ever have been created. Currently 7.6/107.6/10 (12 Votes cast)

  • Die Trying
    Die Trying (2014)
    "Die Trying" is a documentary series about six high-risk, high-reward expeditions that highlight the capacity for determined men and women to conquer unprecedented scientific and human challenges. Crisscrossing the globe from the frozen Alaskan arctic to a fiery crater in a Turkmen desert, Die Trying presents unforgettable stories and characters pushing themselves to their absolute limits for the chance to bring groundbreaking knowledge to the world’s attention, for the very first time. (Source: National Geographic Channel) Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • Big Brother ...
    Big Brother (UK) (2000)
    Big Brother is the UK's biggest reality TV show and is one of the most popular talked-about shows in British TV history. Big Brother takes place entirely within the confines of the Big Brother House. It's essentially a competition between the housemates, the object of which is to be the last remaining housemate in the House. At least one housemate will leave the House every week by a process of nomination and public eviction. Housemates will nominate each other for eviction and those with the most votes from their peers face a public vote. The housemate that receives most public votes leaves the House and is out of the competition. Housemates are provided with a shopping budget each week to buy food and other necessities. Throughout the series housemates will be asked to complete tasks set by Big Brother. If the group does well in the tasks they get rewarded with a bigger shopping budget, plus special treats. On the final night of Big Brother the public vote on which housemate they want to win the show. The housemate with most votes wins a fabulous cash prize! Currently 8.9/108.9/10 (7 Votes cast)

  • Nick And Mar...
    Nick And Margaret Too Many Immigrants (2014)
    'Nick And Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?' follows Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford as they explore the impact immigrants have on the UK.

  • Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu (1986)
    This 10-part 10 hour docu-drama depicts the life of Zulu warrior Shaka, an early 19th century soldier and King who through brilliant but ruthless tactics, united the smaller neighboring kingdoms in his Southeast African region, into a single Zulu nation. Interweaving historic fact with cultural practices, rituals, and mythologies, Shaka is revealed to be one of the greatest modern military figures on the African continent

  • Utopia
    Utopia (2013)
    Utopia is a drama which follows a shadowy unit called The Network and their attempts to recover a strange graphic novel from the four friends who have found it... and discover its true potential.

  • Creative Gal...
    Creative Galaxy (2013)
    "Creative Galaxy" is an animated interactive art adventure series, designed to inspire kids' creative thinking through crafts, story, music and dance. (Source: Amazon.Com)

  • Mind Your La...
    Mind Your Language (1977)
    Set in a London College Of Further Education the series focused on the activities of the Evening Classes, in particular – English as a Foreign Language, as taught by Mr Jeremy Brown whose class was a motley crew of foreigners, most of who could barely speak English. The comedy comes from the students inability to grasp the basic command of English. This leads to misunderstanding of words and terms causing all manner of disagreements and cultural differences.

  • The Lottery
    The Lottery (2014)
    Set in a dystopian future when women have stopped having children, "The Lottery" reveals a world staring down the barrel of impending extinction. Remarkably, 100 embryos are successfully fertilized and a national lottery is held to decide the surrogates. As conflict, control and mystery over this global crisis unfolds, the government’s interests and power begin to dominate, igniting a highly controversial debate over our fundamental and personal freedom to raise a family.

  • My Dysfuncti...
    My Dysfunctional Family (2014)
    Family fixer Dave Vitalli brings troubled teens and their sometimes wayward parents back from the brink of disrepair in his new eight-episode CMT series My Dysfunctional Family. Struggling parents call Vitalli for help with their difficult teenagers, but years of experience working with families in crisis have taught him the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree. Each one-hour episode finds the parents under as much scrutiny as their kids as Vitalli digs out the truth to set these families straight.

  • Street Hawk
    Street Hawk (1985)
    The Man, the Machine... Street Hawk Street Hawk is an all-terrain attack motorcycle, designed to fight urban crime. It is capable of speeds up to 300 mph and has immense firepower. Jesse Mach (Rex Smith, As the World Turns), an ex-motorcycle cop, is recruited to uphold justice driving a powerful motorcycle named Street Hawk. This show was originally going to start in the fall of 1984, but ABC shelved it with a summer hit, Call To Glory.

  • The Divide
    The Divide (2014)
    "The Divide" is an exploration of personal morality and how all people - especially ambitious people - struggle with the shades of grey found in the absence of a simple, ordered moral universe. The show probes how truth coexists in the modern justice system alongside ambition, ethics, politics and race. As an impassioned case worker with The Innocence Initiative, Christine Rosa delves into the case of a death-row inmate she believes was wrongly convicted of a young family's heinous murder 11 years earlier. She chases down new evidence in a search for the truth and confronts an equally passionate district attorney, Adam Page, whose view of justice is colored by shades of grey. Throughout the journey, Christine and Adam's pasts resurface as they are faced with the question of one man's guilt or innocence intertwined with their own personal histories.

  • Handsome Dev...
    Handsome Devils (2014)
    This provocative series showcases real-life stories of the seemingly loveable yet ruthless men who boast irresistible good looks and ooze charm and sophistication, but deep down are ugly, cold-blooded criminals.

  • World Food C...
    World Food Championships (2014)
    Hosted in Las Vegas, The World Food Championships is one of the most ambitious and authentic food competitions held annually. This series follows talented home cooks and professional chefs from across America as they compete to create dishes mouth-wateringly creative enough to win their food category. From Burgers, BBQ, sandwiches, bacon and family recipes - there is a winner for each competition, culminating in a grand finale with a shot at winning a $50,000 prize. Co-hosted by Jeffrey Saad, a chef, author and Chicago-based restaurant owner; and Tiffany Derry, a Dallas-based chef and “Top Chef” alum. (Source: FYI) Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • Backpackers
    Backpackers (2014)
    In an attempt to get over a serious case of cold feet, recently engaged Ryan (Noah Reid) and Beth (Meghan Heffern) embark on separate European vacations with the mantra “what happens in Europe, stays in Europe.” But hours into his adventure with his party animal and womanizing best friend Brandon (Dillon Casey), Ryan realizes he’s made a huge mistake and sets off in search of Beth. His one problem? He has no idea where she could be.

  • Monumental M...
    Monumental Mysteries (2012)
    Museums are where America displays its wondrous treasures of the past — often strange and curious remnants of the momentous events that have shaped our history. Behind each artifact is yet another story to be told and secret to be revealed — tales brimming with scandal, mystery, murder and intrigue. Whether a diary from an Arctic exploration, a stone giant thought to be the remnant of a race of enormous people or a futuristic house that almost changed the world, iconic museum artifacts help us un-cover who we are and what we've become. Each hour of this series takes viewers on a captivating, revealing and at times shocking tour of America's past, revisiting its most crucial events by reexamining what has been left behind. The series casts its net wide, exploring the corners and back rooms of institutions dedicated to a variety of popular and entertaining subjects — invisible spies, cold-blooded assassins, dinosaurs, the paranormal, the Old West, the Cold War and more. We tackle some of history's most enduring mysteries — both familiar tales and little-known episodes that have never been told before on television. Currently 0/10No votes yet

  • The Fairly O...
    The Fairly OddParents (2001)
    The Fairly OddParents is a popular animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, and is distributed on Nickelodeon and on other channels worldwide. It began as a series of shorts on Oh Yeah! Cartoons from 1998 to 2001 when it was cancelled. That same year, it was decided that the show be made into a series with full-length episodes. The Fairly OddParents is one of the most popular shows on Nickelodeon, second only to SpongeBob SquarePants in popularity. Timmy Turner, a buck-toothed ten-year-old child is probably the most depressed kid you've ever seen. His teacher bugs him all the time about the existence of fairies, his babysitter is way too evil and his parents don't believe a word he says! Well, that is until he obtains super-terrific fairy godparents! These godparents aren't regular godparents, oh no, these are probably the most excellent, cool, and somewhat dumb godparents ever! There's Cosmo, a green-haired, crazy godparent who devours everything that looks well. Wanda is a pink-haired winter fairy who makes everything better. With an unlimited supply of wishes, Timmy takes full advantange of it, which tends to pull him into some crazy situations with the help of his godparents. But when Timmy realizes he must think before his own actions, there's always a solution. Basically, Timmy Turner won't be sad anymore! His friends are AJ, probably as smart as Albert Einstein. He knows everything from cats to cataracts, Chester, a poor, bad baseball player who wears brackets, Elmer (AKA- The boil kid) and his boil, bob, and Sanjay, a kid whose Step-dad is a military officer. Timmy loves a girl. She's called Trixie Tang, and she's the most popular girl in the school. Timmy always tries to win her heart. Theme Song Timmy is an average kid, That no one understands Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands. Vicky: Bed twerp! Doom and gloom up in his room, Is broken instantly, By his magic little fish who grant his every wish, Cause in reality they are his Odd Parents, Fairly Odd Parents Wanda: Wands and wings! Cosmo: Floaty Crowny things! Odd Parents, Fairly Odd Parents, Really odd, pea pod, buff bod, hot rod, Timmy: Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice, Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!!! Odd Parents, Fairly Odd Parents, It flips your lid when you are a kid with Fairly Odd Parents! Vicky: Yeah right. Theme song can be downloaded by clicking here Currently 7.2/107.2/10 (11 Votes cast)

  • Doraemon
    Doraemon (1973)
    Nobita Nobi is so hapless that his 22nd century decendants are still impoverished as a result of his 20th century bumbling. In a bid to raise their social status, their servant, a robotic cat named Doraemon, decides to travel back in time and guide Nobita on the proper path to fortune. Unfortunately Doraemon, a dysfunctional robot that the familly acquired by accident (but chose to keep nonetheless), isn't much better off than Nobita. The robot leads Nobita on many adventures, and while Nobita's life certainly is more exciting with the robot cat from the future, it is questionable if it is in fact better in the way that Doraemon planned. Doraemon is one of the longest running TV series in Japan, while Sazae-san has been running longer, there are more episodes of Doraemon.

  • 8 out of 10 ...
    8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (2013)
    '8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown' is a mash-up of current affairs comedy quiz '8 out of 10 Cats' and daily words and numbers quiz show 'Countdown'. Jimmy Carr presents and each week he is joined by team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, they are joined each week by Susie Dent in dictionary corner and Rachel Riley providing the letters and numbers. Currently 9/109/10 (1 Vote cast)

  • Traffic Cops
    Traffic Cops (2014)
    Documentary following the work of traffic police. Currently 8/108/10 (1 Vote cast)

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